Benefits of partnering with us

Unlock new revenue

Depending on your partnership type, you’ll earn either a fixed monthly amount per locker or a commission for every parcel collected from your parcel shop.

Boost your foot traffic

Your shop could get as many as 50 daily visits from Vinted Go clients. This adds up to hundreds of new shoppers per week!

Support sustainability

Parcels collected from shops like yours create 62% lower emissions on average than home delivery.*

Two ways to partner with us

Host a parcel locker

If you have enough space in your shop, hosting a locker provides the benefits of partnership without any additional effort from you or your staff.

  • Requires 1.5 m floorspace with access to electricity
  • Holds up to 47 parcels at once
  • Fully maintained by our couriers

Become a parcel shop

You or your staff will serve our customers directly, helping them send and collect their parcels.

  • Don’t give up any of your floorspace
  • Scan parcels using the device we provide
  • Get set up quickly

Apply to partner with Vinted Go in France

Send us your info, and our team will get back in touch soon to discuss the details. You could get set up as a partner in as little as few days!